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Sometimes I wonder why people bother with love in the first place, and then I hear you laugh.

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In high school, I tried very hard to make everybody like me, which resulted in me being extremely unhappy and in a lot of pain. Therefore, the lesson I got from that was that I can’t make everybody happy.

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Shireen Baratheon is having none of your shit today (◡‿◡✿)

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“We all know the story. Virginal girl, pure and sweet, trapped in the body of a swan. She desires freedom but only true love can break the spell. Her wish is nearly granted in the form of a prince, but before he can declare his love her lustful twin, the black swan, tricks and seduces him. Devastated the white swan leaps of a cliff killing herself and, in death, finds freedom.” - Black Swan (2010)

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if u talk shit about my favourite band members I will shove a pineapple so far up ur ass u will be crying out tropical fruit punch

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“You should make peace with your God.”

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), dir. Wes Anderson

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